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Front-end development

30 % of your website's success depends on the skills of the coder.

We have already coded over 242 responsive websites, and 92 % of our customers were so delighted that they shared their experience further.

What can you trust?

  • Clear website

    Clear website

    HTML web templates are coded with pixel precision based on a graphic design that we usually improve as well. We pay attention to the website reachability and its usefulness. The resulting code is neat, valid, compressed, and apparently commented. It is a pleasure to work with our templates.

  • Correct display on all devices and in all browsers

    Correct display on all devices
    and in all browsers

    We support the last two versions of all web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer. The coded websites are tested on both Windows and MacOS. Your website will correctly display even on mobile phones or tablets.

  • Lightning speed and emphasis on SEO

    Lightning speed and emphasis on SEO

    Responsive website loads more quickly than you manage to inhale and the code is so clear that web browsers will award you with extra points. We use our brain constantly during project work, and we write code smartly.

  • Whatever you need for your satisfaction

    Whatever you need for your satisfaction

    Do you want to have microformats on your website? Teach them how to print? Add little animations? Or do you need us to code your websites as quickly as possible? You only need to ask – we spare no effort!

Why should you rely on us?

  • Money back guarantee

    We promise that the coded website will work for 100 % and exactly according to the assignment. If we fail to do so, you will get a full refund.

  • Long experience

    Our emblem states it clearly: 5-year experience and more than 200 coded websites. We turn the best of our knowledge into your profit.

  • Meeting deadlines

    We understand that our HTML template coding is followed by other programming projects on your schedule. Therefore, we will always meet the deadline for submission.

  • We are with it

    Technology: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SVG.
    Methodology: OOCSS, BEM, DRY, KISS.
    Tools: SASS, Grunt, Git.
    Your website will be modern, easily manageable and time-efficient.

Need a proof that our HTML templates will be unique?
Here we present 4 of them:

Reviews from satisfied clients

  • „HTMLFACTORY is one of the best coding firms that we have ever come across. The assignment of the first project we have asked them to do was to develop a set of responsive templates not for a previously designed e-shop, but for an e-shop rental system. Therefore, it was crucial to consider all possible display combinations in lists, details, filters and various layout forms of graphical features, columns, and panels. All the layout, display and graphical setup are supposed to be managed by the administrator of the e-shop. Consequently, the difficulty of the project is higher because there is nothing ‘strictly’ defined. I think that it is not easy to find a more complicated project assignment. We were delighted that no problems occurred when displaying the layout across different browsers. Our mutual communication was very active, and all comments including small details were implemented and followed through. We had been missing such attitude in other service providers. All in all, we were satisfied with the results, and we count on future cooperation.“

    Project: Shopsystem
    Martin Branda, CEO

    Martin Branda, CEO
  • „We value the speed and thoroughness at which HTMLFACTORY finish their assignments. Upon our first agreement, we knew we could rely on them and believe that the work would be delivered in due time and the revision process would not take unnecessarily long time. Besides, we also appreciate that the assignment does not need to be explained in detail. Should some unclear things pop up during the completion, their team is initiative and thinks up new, cutting-edge solutions. As a result, the cooperation with HTMLFACTORY helps us save money, time and undoubtedly also nerves.“

    Project: Betexplorer
    Tomáš Ledba, Designer

    Tomáš Ledba, Designer
  • „We appreciate HTMLFACTORY’s rapid action, superb results and the fact that they always deliver something more. They will cause any static design to be enriched by new dimensions and new look. They can handle any task in their field and utilise only the latest technologies. “

    Project: Autokomplex
    Radim Križan, Project manager

    Radim Križan, Project manager
  • „We established cooperation with HTMLFACTORY in several low-cost projects quite some time ago. Their professional and responsible attitude as well as proficient advice have meant to us a big step forward. Currently, we are collaborating on several large, corporate projects. I recommend their coding services to everybody, who seeks quality and is willing to pay for it.“

    Project: E-regaly
    David Šeďa, Project manager

    David Šeďa, Project manager

You often ask

  • Do you need a responsive design to develop a mobile version of a website?

    No, we don’t. We can develop responsive websites by ourselves. The only thing we need for is a graphic design for desktop – the rest is our task.

  • Which graphic formats do you use?

    Web coding is done based on the following graphic formats: PSD, PDF, Ai, Sketch. An ideal form is a Sketch file with clearly separated layers.

  • Can I get a discount on your services?

    We provide discounts on massive projects, and we are always open for discussions about possibilities of long-term partnership. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What does ‘website coding’ mean?

    It is an indispensable step in developing successful websites. It determines their placement in web search, their usefulness and the overall user experience.

Do you want to inquire about an HTML template?

Send us a non-binding suggestion or just write us about your ideas. You will get detailed information tailored to your project.

Your website will be finalised 2x faster, even over weekends or national holidays.
Machine-readable data according to, which significantly enhances your SEO and clickability.
We add interesting and attractive animations to your website. Thanks to stylish interactions in the PSD to HTML conversion, your site will become more eye-catching.
Let only the most relevant information to be printed out for the user. Thanks to the print view of your website you will increase your business success.
Times and technology move forward, and older web browsers fade into oblivion. On request, we will optimise your website for older browsers, please fill in note wich one you wish to support.
This brand-new technology will ensure immediate loading of your web contents, especially blogs and newsfeeds.
Did you know that speed is important? Any user will leave your website unless the loading time exceeds 10 seconds. The quicker your web response is, the bigger conversions it generates. The load speed is also regarded by Google when laying out search results. We will make use of PSD to HTML to make your website load at lightning speed, thanks to which you take the lead over your competitors.
Often it happens that programmers, who subsequently take over our HTML templates, forget or oversee something. Consequently, the website contains undetectable mistakes. After the project has been fully completed (unless we are the developers ourselves), we will check your site to mitigate possible problems and make everything work smoothly.

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