Coding emails and newsletters

HTML emails look great both on PCs and on mobile phones or tablets.

What can you trust?

  • High-quality display in all email clients

    High-quality display in all email clients

    The current version of Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail or the Google, Seznam or Centrum web interfaces – we code emails so that messages display correctly on all these platforms.

  • Bug-free and clear HTML code

    Bug-free and clear HTML code

    You will get a good grasp of our thoroughly commented code. If you send emails according to the same template, you will manage to adjust your next emails by yourselves.

  • Responsive behaviour of email clients

    Responsive behaviour of email clients

    Do your customers read their emails on their phones? Tablets? We ensure that the contents adapt to their screen size, do not scatter around and do not extend over the borders. 
Thus increasing your chances for success.

  • Comprehensive and factual feedback

    Comprehensive and factual feedback

    We will not just blindly code emails that you assign us to do. If we happen to detect shortcomings in your draft, we will make suggestions for corrections. Once you have given us your consent, we will implement all improvements into the code.

Why should you refer to us?

  • Money back guarantee

    We promise that the coded email will work for 100 % and will be designed exactly according to the assignment. If we fail to do so, you will get a full refund.

  • Long experience

    Our emblem states it clearly: 5-year experience and more than 100 coded email templates. We turn all our knowledge into your profit.

  • Meeting deadlines

    We understand that your schedule is busy and you have planned other commercial campaigns. Therefore, we will always meet the deadline for submission.

  • Guarantee of quality

    The coded email will always display correctly on all devices as well as in all email clients. Even an amateur can get the gasp of the written code.

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Reviews from satisfied customers

  • „We appreciate HTMLFACTORY’s rapid action, superb results and the fact that they always deliver something more. They will cause any static design to be enriched by new dimensions and new look. They can handle any task in their field and utilise only the latest technologies. “

    Project: Autokomplex
    Radim Križan, Project manager

    Radim Križan, Project manager
  • „When searching for coding services, we contacted tens of companies and individuals, but it is not easy to find a good and reliable coder. Based on the delivered results, we were convinced of the quality of HTMLFACTORY’s services, and we were pleasantly surprised by their attitude and communication with us. In the future, we will surely consider collaboration on more extended projects with them.“

    Vladimír Krajčovič, Co-founder

    Vladimír Krajčovič, Co-founder
  • „The task was thoroughly done, and its quality was far beyond our expectations. We are looking forward to our next collaboration. “

    Ondřej Kuchta, Co-founder

    Ondřej Kuchta, Co-founder

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