Animated banners significantly increase
the success of your PPC ads

Over 20 years, online businesspeople have claimed that banner ads do not work. However, the opposite applies to animated banners coded by us.

What can you trust?

  • Increase in performance of your PPC ads

    Increase in performance of your PPC ads

    Some companies have experienced a 267% increase in their CTR thanks to the transfer to animated banners. Although we cannot guarantee the same number to you, we are usually capable of causing a 20% increase.

  • Minimum data requirements

    Minimum data requirements

    We code banners in HTML5 in an economy-friendly way so that their data load is minimised as much as possible. They do not overload the server nor the computer or visitor’s mobile phone, and still, they are perfectly smooth.

  • 100% optimisation for all browsers

    100% optimisation for all browsers

    Our animated banners load correctly in all browsers (IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari). Besides, along with the older browser versions, we deliver the static banner version as well – just in case.

  • Neat, elegant and entertaining result

    Neat, elegant and entertaining result

    Overdone animations scare customers off, while the decent ones attract and entertain them. We code animated banners with beautiful hover effects and unique elements that literally ‘make’ visitors click on everything.

Why should you refer to us?

  • Money back guarantee

    We promise that the coded banner will work for 100 % and will be designed exactly according to the assignment. If we fail to do so, you will get a full refund.

  • Long experience

    Our emblem states it clearly: 5-year experience and more than 50 animated banners. We turn all our knowledge into your profit.

  • Meeting deadlines

    We understand that your schedule is busy and you have planned other commercial campaigns. Therefore, we will always meet the deadline for submission.

  • We can deal with all problems

    Do you need a banner with atypical resolution, format or size? No worries at all! We will create them for you with pleasure.

Reviews from satisfied clients

  • „When searching for coding services, we contacted tens of companies and individuals, but it is not easy to find a good and reliable coder. Based on the delivered results, we were convinced of the quality of HTMLFACTORY’s services, and we were pleasantly surprised by their attitude and communication with us. In the future, we will surely consider collaboration on more extended projects with them.“

    Vladimír Krajčovič, Co-founder

    Vladimír Krajčovič, Co-founder
  • „The task was thoroughly done, and its quality was far beyond our expectations. We are looking forward to our next collaboration. “

    Ondřej Kuchta, Co-founder

    Ondřej Kuchta, Co-founder
  • „Masterpiece! This word came to our minds immediately after we received the coded website from HTMLFACTORY. We had decided to contact this company on recommendation, and it was 100% worth the effort!“

    Project: Perfect money
    Martina Lutovská, CEO

    Martina Lutovská, CEO

Do you want to inquire about an animated banner?

Send us a non-binding order or just write us about your ideas. We will take care of the banner including its graphic design.

Your banner will be finalised 2x faster, even over weekends or national holidays.
In case you still do not have any drafts, we will be happy to create graphics for you, too.
Did you not find what you were looking for? Write down your inquiry in the note below, and we will find a solution.

Did you not find what you were looking for? Write down your inquiry in the note below, and we will find a solution for sure.

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