We are pursuing our dream

We want to become an agency providing top
services in front-end development, not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

We know that it is slightly daredevil.

However, we believe that the combination of taste, determination and enthusiasm can give us the power to move mountains.

Also, we often work in the dead of night or at weekends.

We spend our free time dived into scientific literature or slumped into the padded seats of lecture rooms.

HTML coding means life to us. You will understand why once we have coded first websites for you.

  • 242+ 
coded webs
    242 +

    coded webs

  • 110+ 
satisfied customers
    110 +

    satisfied customers

  • All elements load at lightning speed
    180 +

    hours per month available

  • 5-year 
experience in coding
    5  years

    experience in coding

Here we are - the members
of the HTMLFACTORY team.

  • Vitalij Petráš

    CEO, Front-end developer

    Project manager responsible for quality control, fulfilling visions and leading the company. He has been working as a web developer since 2009, and he loves his work so much that he cannot take a break.

    In his free time, he works out in the gym.

  • Pavlína Šobrová

    Front-end developer

    Joined HTMLFACTORY in 2015 as a junior-developer. In few months, she learnt to code what others need to practise for years. She is an e-shop lover and an expert in e-shop design.

    Pavlína often works till late night as coding means relaxation to her. She likes to do sports, and sometimes she shows up on the stage of Bikini Fitness contest.

  • Iveta Raždíkova


    Iveta is our financial manager and accountant. Thanks to her brisk attitude we have always paid due invoices in time, and we have never had problems with authorities.

    She devotes all free time to her family.

  • Join us

    Is the environment of a smaller company with friendly peers and good reachability in the heart of Ostrava suitable for you? Check out our Careers page and do not hesitate to contact us.

    We are currently searching for a sales representative who will take care of our customers and explore new opportunities.

Why should you contact us?

  • We strictly meet deadlines

    Have we agreed that the job would be done on the following Friday? Then we will deliver the results on that Friday. Sometimes we even manage to finish certain projects before the deadline.

  • We guarantee satisfaction

    Your website will be loaded quickly and work correctly on all platforms. The site will attract both search engines and visitors.

  • We are obsessed with perfection

    We research new technologies, suffer from obsessive perfectionism, and we love our job. Every day we want to become better than the day before and this how we progress further while you profit from it.

  • We are always available

    After project submission, we do not cut off contact with you. Do you require additional adjustments? Are you unsure about anything? Just drop us a line – even one year after project submission, and we will act promptly.

Would you like to try us out?