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No matter if you require us to code a static single page, an animated presentation or a complex e-shop.

We will always deliver a quick, clear and well-tuned inspiring website in agreed time with attention to detail.

Pavlina Šobrová
Vitalij Petráš
  • 5-year 
experience in coding
    5  years

    experience in coding

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satisfied customers
    110 +

    satisfied customers

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How can we help you?

  • Front-end development PSD to HTML coding

    Front-end development
    PSD to HTML

    A responsive web with high performance loads immediately on any device, and it correctly copies the graphic design. Even a junior developer can read its clear code.

    Top favourite

  • WordPress development PSD to WordPress

    WordPress development

    A responsive web on the WordPress publishing platform, which is so clear and straightforward that its contents can be managed literally by anyone.

  • Animation and interaction development

    Animation and interaction development

    A small animated element or the whole interactive website? That is up to you. We take care of the fresh appearance of your animations and their smooth functioning.

  • Coding emails and newsletters

    Coding emails and newsletters

    Nobody is willing to read e-mails with separate lines or pictures. We will code your e-mails so that such problems will never arise. Neither on mobile phone platforms.

  • Animated banner development

    Animated banner development

    Flash has already become obsolete, images in the .gif format are blurred and get stuck. Therefore, we code banners in HTML5 and CSS3. They look cool, work smoothly and can be viewed by anyone.

Kódování html šablon webových stránek Kódování html šablon webových stránek

Why should you contact us?

  • We strictly meet deadlines

    Have we agreed that the job would be done on the following Friday? Then we will deliver the results on that Friday. Sometimes we even manage to finish certain projects before the deadline.

  • We guarantee satisfaction

    Your website will be loaded quickly and work correctly on all platforms. The website will attract both search engines and visitors.

  • We are obsessed with perfection

    We research new technologies, suffer from obsessive perfectionism, and we love our job. Every day we want to become better than the day before and this how we progress further while you profit from it.

  • We are always available

    After project submission, we do not cut off contact with you. Do you require additional adjustments? Are you unsure about anything? Just drop us a line – even one year after project submission, and we will act promptly.

Need a proof that we are real top-flight coders?
Here you have even 8 of them:

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  • „HTMLFACTORY developed responsive templates for our new website From the very beginning of our communication, I was impressed by their openness and command of common sense in problem-solving. I was also delighted with the delivered result as well as with their positive and hardworking attitude during the whole project. I can warmly recommend HTMLFACTORY and their services to everyone who is searching for top-flight coders.“

    Project: Phonexia
    Tomáš Bia, Product Manager

    Tomáš Bia, Product Manager
  • „Masterpiece! This word came to our minds immediately after we received the coded website from HTMLFACTORY. We had decided to contact this company on recommendation, and it was 100% worth the effort!“

    Project: Perfect money
    Martina Lutovská, CEO

    Martina Lutovská, CEO
  • „HTMLFACTORY is one of the best coding firms that we have ever come across. The assignment of the first project we have asked them to do was to develop a set of responsive templates not for a previously designed e-shop, but for an e-shop rental system. Therefore, it was crucial to consider all possible display combinations in lists, details, filters and various layout forms of graphical features, columns, and panels. All the layout, display and graphical setup are supposed to be managed by the administrator of the e-shop. Consequently, the difficulty of the project is higher because there is nothing ‘strictly’ defined. I think that it is not easy to find a more complicated project assignment. We were delighted that no problems occurred when displaying the layout across different browsers. Our mutual communication was very active, and all comments including small details were implemented and followed through. We had been missing such attitude in other service providers. All in all, we were satisfied with the results, and we count on future cooperation.“

    Project: Shopsystem
    Martin Branda, CEO

    Martin Branda, CEO
  • „We appreciate HTMLFACTORY’s rapid action, superb results and the fact that they always deliver something more. They will cause any static design to be enriched by new dimensions and new look. They can handle any task in their field and utilise only the latest technologies. “

    Project: Autokomplex
    Radim Križan, Project manager

    Radim Križan, Project manager